Thursday, August 11, 2011


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Hi folks, want to know the skinny on screenplay contests?
Want to know which ones are the real deal?
Want to know which ones (if any) the industry pays attention to?
Want to know how to cut through the hordes and break into the top ten?

Well, check out our free conference call: THE FIVE MYTHS OF SCREENWRITING CONTESTS.

Join Coverage Ink and Writers on the Storm's Jim Cirile and Million Dollar Screenwriting and We Shoot the Winner's Chris Soth in a rollicking 1-hr free conference call, followed by a half-hour Q&A. Tips, wisdom and no-BS will be dispensed! Get the inside scoop on how contests are really run and whether or not any of them are really worth the money. Free gifts will be dispersed!

This is a completely free call, so register now at Then strap in for a fun and fast-paced ride with two industry vets, teaming up for the first time! Hurry - the call is coming up TODAY at 5:30 PM. Sign up now. Looking forward to sharing our knowledge and perspective with all of you.

Jim C.

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Screenwriting is all about STORY STRUCTURE, STORY STRUCTURE, STORY STRUCTURE - go see Kal's excellent work at