Friday, July 17, 2009

WOTS Regular Deadline Approaching!

Gasp! It's that time, Stormies! Time is running out to get your scripts in to Writers on the Storm for the dirt-cheap entry fee of 40 bucks. After 7/27 (our regular deadline) the contest goes into LATE entry mode, which means the price goes up to 50 dollars. Our final deadline is 8/10. So let's get a move on, y'all! Just like the second half of Act 2 in your screenplay, the clock is ticking... ;)

Holy cow, we actually have 20 quarterfinalists already! This is amazing. These 20 represent folks who sent their scripts in to Coverage, Ink for analysis (thus scoring them a free contest entry.) As we explain in the blog pieces below, there are a couple different ways to enter the contest, and one of them is sending your script to CI for coverage before the 8/10 contest deadline. If you do that entry is free, and if your script scores a 'consider with reservations' or better for script, roughly top 10%, you're an automatic quarterfinalist. Everyone else who enters the contest directly (at finds out if they've made the QFs or not when everyone else does, about a month after the contest closes.

Here are the 20 so far who have kicked serious booty (in order of when they were submitted):

The Enginist by Tim McGrath
Macau Twilight by Tony Shyu
Nightmare in the Ardennes by Walt Malinowski
Shades of Grey by Michael Morra
Svengali Effect by Jeremy Shipp
Operation Chronos by Jon Sklaroff
Man on the Overpass by Kevin Madden
Sense of Self by Craig Cambria
Rainwashed by Paul Sargia
Future Visions by Stephen Moretti
Sure Would Be Nice by Thomas Serio
Scout's Honor by Jocelyn Osier
Three Cousins & the Cannolis by Lisa Cordova
Angel Trap by Holli Herrie-Castillo
Murderous Me by Vicky Sutton
Tortoise and the Heir by Russ Meyer
Laramie by William Johnston
Sorority Kings by Scott Fickas and Brian Jones
War Without End by AF Grant
Peanut Butter by Yvonne Miranda

Congrats to everyone listed here, but remember there's plenty more room for quarterfinalists! One last note. In the last CI newsletter I noted that I was a tiny bit disappointed the list was so male-dominated. Well, I am pleased to see a bunch of ladies stepped up! Thanks, Holli, Vicky, Lisa, Jocelyn! Represent! ;)

Portia Jefferson
Writers on the Storm Contest Coordinator

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Anonymous said...

I thought Russ Meyer was dead.

Admin said...

LOL... I'll bet this Russ wishes he has the other one's residuals!

--Jim C.