Monday, July 27, 2009


Hey guys, as of midnight tonight PST (that's 7/27/09, or rather, 12:01 AM 7/28,) Writers on the Storm passes its regular deadline and goes into LATE mode. All submissions to the contest until our late deadline (midnight 8/10/09) will now cost $50 for a single entry or $95 for a double entry of the same script (when submitted directly into the contest at

However, submissions to Coverage Ink for script analysis will still net you a contest entry until 8/10 at no extra cost (feature scripts only! Sorry, TV writers... we'll add a TV component next year!)

After the late deadline, there will be one final week that the contest is open for submissions, our FINAL week, which will be open only for Without a Box members. The FINAL contest deadline is 8/17/09.

Hope that's all clear (judging by the amount of calls and e-mails today, it isn't!) Thanks everyone for sending in your scripts, and we look forward to finding some great ones in there!

Jim C.

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Anonymous said...

Is that midnight tonight or midnight tomorrow night? Sorry, I'm trying to squeeze out as much rewrite time as possible (there's never enough).