Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jim Cirile's Rep Report - Now on "Hollywood + Vine"

So okay, the two major screenwriting magazines have left the building. That leaves room for the little guys, the upstarts, the youngbloods. And so it is that we proudly present to you: "Hollywood + Vine." 

This new digital magazine (also available in hard copy) is 40 pages packed with fun and useful info for aspiring creatives in Hollywood. Best of all (ha ha) Hollywood + Vine features a new column by yours truly -- "The Rep Report."  In the tradition of my old Agent's Hot Sheet column for Creative Screenwriting, The Rep Report will bring you interviews with the top literary agents and managers in town and give you the skinny on what the heck it is they're looking for and how to get their attention.

And speaking of the youngbloods, that's exactly what my first column is about. Meet two young, crazy-hard-working assistants from a major agency, both on the agent track. "Assistants? Why should I care?," you ask? Because both of them are on the agent track and are building their client lists as we speak. These are EXACTLY the types of people you want to get in with.

So come aboard this awesome (and free!) magazine. Visit

--Jim C.

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