Monday, January 23, 2012

Agent's Hot Sheet E-Book coming soon

For ten years, I had the pleasure of writing the Agent's Hot Sheet column for Creative Screenwriting magazine. As most of you know by now, sadly, CS is no longer being published. But those 60 columns represent an awful lot of crucial intelligence for writers. The top agents and managers in the biz, telling you directly how to get their attention -- that's priceless, and believe me, as a writer myself, no one appreciated it more than me. It's not an exaggeration to say that in a way, I graduated a decade-long master's program in the biz. I am honored to have been able to bring Agent's Hot Sheet to you all.

So what to do with all that knowledge? Why, put a bow on it and put it back out there, of course. Agent's Hot Sheet: Ten Years of Screenwriting Wisdom from Hollywood's Top Reps is coming to Kindle, iTunes, Nook, as well as available as a direct download from CI as a PDF. We'll let you know as soon as its available.

--Jim C.

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