Thursday, July 07, 2011

Writers on the Storm deadline 7/11/11

WRITERS ON THE STORM Screenplay Competition
***Deadline: midnight 7/11/11*** Enter now!

"Whoever says contests get you nowhere should be shot. You hooked me up with UTA!" -- Jeremy Shipp

150 companies. $10,000 first prize. Over $25,000 cash and prizes. Every entry receives feedback.

But what really counts is results. We got two of our winners from last year's contest signed. We placed Jeremy Shipp ("Sleight of Hand") with UTA, and Muraviov Management gobbled up Paul Moxham ("Vertically Challenged.") Hey, prize money is great, but what this is really about is your career. Read the interview with Jeremy Shipp right here:

But we don't skimp on the prizes either. Check this out:

$10K cash
Coverage Ink Platinum Script Development Package
Creative Screenwriting Analyst Survey + subscription
Admission to Save the Cat! Beat Sheet weekend
Screenwriter Showcase 1-year subscription
Ellen Sandler 1/2 hr consultation
Michael Hauge Max Pack
Movie Outline 3.0 screenwriting software
Save the Cat! 3.0 software
Script Pipeline 1 yr database subscription - 1 year subscription
High Concept Screenwriting Audio CD by Steve Kaire
Neil Landau 10 Things I Learned in Film School
Moviemaker magazine 1 year subscription
Virtual Pitchfest - 10 pitch pack
Great American Pitchfest bronze pass + Screenwriters Survival Kit
inkTip: Script Listing, newsletter and magazine posting
Writers Boot Camp: $1,000 in Creative Currency + script analysis

Plus tons more prizes for 2nd and 3rd place, top 10, top 50 and everyone who enters. See for complete details.

Hurry! Deadline approaching fast. Ener online NOW at
Good luck to all!

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