Friday, August 20, 2010

VOTE NOW for the winner of the Cyberspace Open!

Hey folks,

THIS is your chance. Watch the three top-scoring scenes from the Spring 2010 Creative Screenwriting Cyberspace Open and then VOTE on the winner. In this age of Diebold and Premier Voting Systems, this may be your last chance to vote for anything where your vote is actually counted accurately. So vote now!

We proudly present to you the top scenes from 1,500-plus entrants in the Spring Cyberspace Open. Writers were given irritatingly tricky scene parameters and a maddeningly quick turnaround time to write their own interpretation of that scene. The scenes were then evaluated by Coverage Ink's team of readers. The top 3 scorers were then videotaped (directed by Piotr Uzarowicz, scene narration by yours truly) using real actors in staged readings. The results: three very fun, and very different, interpretations of the scene prompt!

Did I mention the winner receives $3,000??? 

The top three scenes:

Undesirables by Dries Coomans 
Roulette by Ian Murillo
Breach of Confidence by Lisa Scott

Go to this page right here and watch the three scenes (they're short!) You may also read the scripts if you like (they're posted as PDFs.) And then... VOTE! Seriously, that's all there is to it. And then get ready, because the Fall Cyberspace Open is coming at you in short order. Think you can do better than these three? Then bring it! Enjoy!

--Jim C.


Anonymous said...

The actress in the scene that takes place in Brazil is very good, as is the man who plays the crazy guy

Erika said...

Thanks for the creative energy behind these; it was great to be able to participate! I had a great time watching all three and found it very hard to choose.