Saturday, August 07, 2010


Today was a momentous day. Today is the day Matt Zien's script LOVE AND CANDY scored the single best review in Coverage, Ink history. We've had a few "recommends" before (no more than 4 or 5 out of the thousands of scripts we've received,) but never have we had a recommend/recommend (That's a recommend for both writer and script) and box scores either excellent or very good in every single category.

LOVE AND CANDY is a dramedy about an anxious neurologist who unknowingly tries ecstasy and has a life-changing experience, which then motivates him to use psychoactive therapy on his parents to try to save their troubled marriage. Reader DS (a former literary manager) in particular praised the writing and the dialogue, laden with subtext and humor. Zien has the goods.
"What brings it all together is the very strong writing that bespeaks skill and experience," said DS in the analysis. "The subject matter is treated with the deftness and maturity it deserves, yet the story manages to maintain a light and humorous tone throughout with just the right balance of comedy and drama.  We laugh, we cry, we are kept turning the pages with twists, turns and surprises that we don’t expect... Simply put, great job."
We e-mailed Zien to tell him the news. "I'm absolutely floored with DS's reaction, and honored he enjoyed the read," he said. "That said, I will definitely follow your advice and get some more opinions on it. Rest assured I'll have a few more scripts that will need opinions over the next year or so and I'll be sure to come to you! Thank you again for the coverage and especially the exposure on your blog. It means a lot and has truly made my year."

Yeah, make it look easy, Matt. Sheesh! Any industry types out there interested in a look, contact CI at and we'll hook you up. Congrats, Matt!

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