Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Writers on the Storm mini-almost-kind-of update

Hey, all of you patiently waiting to see some results! Actually, so am I. Here's the scoop: we are going to be late. Not sure how late exactly, but right now it appears like we're not going to be able to announce the quarterfinalists until around Sept. 15. We'll firm that up this week and then announce it in our newsletter and also here and on the websites.

Two big reasons for this--number one, we didn't anticipate exactly the volume of entries we would receive (still waiting on an exact count) and thus our team is taking longer than anticipated to read them all. Portia pilfered a couple of readers from Coverage, Ink, to, to speed the process along (ordinarily, Writers on the Storm and Coverage Ink are two separate operations.) And number two, the Without a Box extension week threw us for a loop, since we had not built that into our estimate -- and hard copy submissions were still trickling in (postmarked by the due date but still, thanks to the vicissitudes of US Mail, as recently as yesterday.)

So sit tight, everyone, and we'll announce some numbers and the new quarterfinalists announcement date shortly. Back at you ASAP!

Jim Cirile
Coverage, Ink
Writers on the Storm

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bluepenguin12 said...

Taking the time to read all entries even if it would force you to run late with the results shows honesty and integrity of the contest. It is in fact a contest from writers for writers. Bravo!!!

PS. On a more serious note, what "vicissitude" means? (ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!). Just kidding.

Sepopo Q.