Friday, May 27, 2016

Get Repped Now EXTENDED - MUST END 5-29!

This is it, your last chance, boys and girls! Our customary one-week Get Repped Now extension is quickly coming to a close. All submissions must be received by midnight Pacific Standard Time, May 29, 2016 to qualify. And there is NO late entry fee! Entry cost is the same as always -- $129 for screenplays, $99 for 1-hr pilots, which includes detailed, world-class screenplay analysis of course.

If you're unfamiliar with Get Repped Now, it's not a contest. It is our twice-yearly promotion wherein we gather the best script submissions (judged a 'consider' or better by our readers, roughly top 5%) received during the Get Repped Now period, and forward to our panel of top industry managers with our recommendations. In the past, this has led to meetings, several writers working with these managers and even a huge spec sale to Disney (Brandon Barker's "Nottingham and Hood.") But even if you don't make the cut, and most don't, you still  receive a detailed coverage report telling you how to make the script better, to help you polish that script to perfection.

To find out more about how all this works and for the official rules, just click right here. Then hurry up and get those scripts in, because as of midnight Sunday, Get Repped Now is history until fall. 

Oh, one last thing: we're deluged with last-minute submissions, so our typical 10-day turnaround is now more like a month, and we cannot accept any rushes. Sorry about that! 


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