Thursday, January 21, 2016

Meet the Get Repped Now Class of 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you the nine Get Repped Now! writers/writing teams who kicked our collective glutes with creamy scriptliciousness. We feel like proud parents... with an enormous brood who are all finally graduating and getting the heck out of the house. We've done our best to help and guide them all, but now sink or swim is up to them... and our manager panel, of course.

www.coverageink.comWhat's this all about? Twice a year, we here at Coverage Ink do a promotion called GET REPPED NOW! For a limited time (generally about 4-6 weeks,) all feature and pilot scripts submitted to us for screenplay analysis are also eligible to be read by our panel of four industry-leading lit managers: Jake Wagner from Benderspink, Micah Klatzker from Industry, Chris Mills from Magnet and Jeff Belkin from Zero Gravity. Scripts that garner a 'consider' rating for screenplay (or better) during the promotion are presented to our panel with our recommendations. We've done this three times in the past, which has resulted in two success stories -- writer Joey Ernand landing at Benderspink and Brandon Barker getting signed to Benderspink and UTA and selling his script to Disney for six figures.

Sounds easy? Hold your horses. 'Considers' account for less than 5% of submissions. While we see a lot of 'pretty good,' actually nailing that coveted 'consider' can be devilishly tricky and require heavy lifting and many drafts. Thus it is with overflowing pride we present to you the nine writers/writing teams who nailed it. They're all finishing up their polish drafts, and then in late January the scripts are going out. What scripts will the manager panel spark to -- if any? 

So without further ado, in no particular order, here is the complete list of Coverage Ink Get Repped Now! January 2016 considers. Let's all pull for them!

Tainted (pilot) by Alex Chevasco and Tony Dunoyer

Ironbound by Pete Cafaro

Flip Flop by Dave Cooper, Laurie Foxx and Shawn Nelson

Script by Writer X (Name withheld by writer’s request)

Romeo and Jenna by Joey Hargrove

Plainview by Michael Scott Reese and Adam Oliver Schwartz

Cascade by Dominic Ludeau

Spudsters by Sojean Peou

Here Goes Nothing by Adam Bertocci

Get Repped Now! returns April 2016. So knuckle down and bring it on the rewrite, and we'll see you then.

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