Monday, September 01, 2014


Coverage Ink, a leading independent screenplay analysis/development service since 2002, has announced that client Brandon Barker is now working with Benderspink Head of Management Jake Wagner.

Brandon Barker
Coverage Ink discovered Barker as part of their recent Get Repped Now! promo. All scripts evaluated during the promo period that received a consider were guaranteed to be read by Benderspink's Wagner (features) or Chris Mills from Magnet Management (TV).

Barker's script was one of five considers submitted to Wagner and Mills. His "Nottingham + Hood," a medieval Midnight Run that thrusts together the Sheriff of Nottingham and a certain emerald-clad archer, grabbed Wagner's attention. After meeting with Barker, Wagner informed Coverage Ink that they were now working together.

"He wants to send out 'Nottingham + Hood'," says Barker, "and will work with me on (my new) sci-fi thriller script. I think we have very similar tastes. Talked about our favorite movies... had a great time!"

"Get Repped Now!" went better than I ever could have hoped," says Coverage Ink founder Jim Cirile. "We accomplished exactly what we set out to do -- nurture a lot of up and comers and bash down a door or two. Getting Brandon into Benderspink is fantastic, but even more importantly, hopefully we've empowered a lot of writers to take their craft to the next level via detailed script coverage."

The other considers received during the promo period were BAND OF ANGELS by Katherine Craddock, EVERMOON by Michael Cravotta, HEREDITARY (pilot) by Craig Berger, and PAN KRATOS by Demosthenes Daskaleas.

Coverage Ink is bringing back Get Repped Now! October 13th through November 9, 2014, and Cirile says the plan is to hopefully add at least one additional top literary manager to the list. "I hope everyone is hard at work polishing those scripts, because the cream rises, as Brandon Barker's great script shows."

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