Saturday, March 02, 2013

Got Pilot? Tracking B TV Contest LATE DEADLINE!

Why are we posting about someone else's contest? Because it's the Tracking B TV Contest. And the late deadline is March 3rd.

It's expensive to enter, and there are no prizes per se. So why the heck should you enter? Because Tracking B is a real-life industry tracking board subscribed to by movers and shakers. They have a STUNNING success rate. A top-tier TV industry panel reads the entries, and every year there's another success story or two -- people getting signed, staffed, and so on. It's fricking remarkable. This is one of the few contests (other than our own) that we consistently recommend year after year as being worth the dough.

Now get a load of their industry panel:

Get one of these folks on your team and the picture changes radically. Check out their website for the the skinny on their incredible "track" record. So if you've got a pilot, get over to before it's too late. You may very well be glad you did. Good luck.

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