Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CSCS Open Announces Finalists

Creative Screenwriting CyberSpace Open Top 15 2009

Hi folks,

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the top 15 for the Cyberspace Open. **The cutoff was 94.** Yes, this is the highest cutoff in all my years of running the CS Open tournament, and that is a testament to the rock star writing skills on display in this tourney. A ginormous round of applause for:

David Zorn
Doug Peake
Pamela Rodeheaver
David Ivy
Tom Weber
Benjamin Wheelock
Sean Leonard
Matthew Fleck
Kevin Johnson
Karen Veazey
Scott Noack
Mark E. Poole
Cathy Kitinoja
Gillian White
Dan Parkhurst

These guys all wrote terrific scenes with heartfelt mea culpas (per the scene prompt) and really kicked our butts. So be ready Sunday morning 10/17 as the Round 3 scene is posted online at http://www.screenwritingexpo.com/writingtournament.2009.html or in person at the Expo:

Wilshire Grand Hotel
The Westwood Room
930 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90017

For those of you who are not advancing, yeah, maybe it’s a little disappointing. Look, all of you guys have mad writing chops or you wouldn’t be in this elite group I’m addressing right now. Maybe there’s a germ of an idea in that scene that can spark your next spec. Maybe you got a freakin’ 93 and want to strangle us! Ultimately, hey, this was really just a fun little exercise, a little 12-buck get-yer-butt-in-gear-and-write-dammit! bit of motivation. We hope you guys had fun and next time you come back with a vengeance. Bring it! And remember, if you’re at the Expo, please come to the closing ceremonies Sunday to watch the top 3 scenes performed live on stage. It’s a real blast.

Speaking of mea culpas, here’s one from us. We’re using a new system this year, and there were holes. While it worked for the vast majority of folks, others scenes just never made it to us, or the feedback was sent but never received – plus we neglected to post that the easiest way to reach us was info@coverageink.com, which some folks had to figure out the hard way. Sigh. While we attempt to spackle up the leaks before the next go-round, please contact me personally at info@coverageink.com if you never received a round 1 or round 2 scoresheet.

Thanks and regards to everyone, and see you at the Expo!

Jim Cirile
CSCS Open Coordinator
Founder, www.coverageink.com

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