Thursday, October 02, 2008

Writers on the Storm 2008 Semifinalists!

HUGE CONGRATS to our top 50! One of the folks below is going to have 10 grand in his or her pocket before long and gobs of cool prizes and shwag! This list represents what we judged to be the top 50 scripts submitted to the contest through both Coverage, Ink and directly to Writers on the Storm in 2008.

Feedback forms should start going out shortly, so if you do not get yours by 10/10 please contact us at TOP TEN to be announced 10/27.

And now without further ado...


A Poem for Silvertown by James Schannep
Adversity by Andrew Sessions
Avalon Bound by Brandon Rosin
Back from the Dead by Art Blum
Belfast Boys by Heather Upton
Beyond the Horizon by George Ferris
Black Damp by Carla Robinson
Blood Money by Michael Eging
Blowback by Jeff Travers
Blue Bloods by Lucy Cruell
Bury Me in Fire by Odin Shafer
Cage by Philip Landa
Canaries by Craig Cambria
Center of Fortitude by Mark Eaton & Stacy Dymalski
Colossus by Jason Kent
Cross of the Savage by Joe Crouch
Edgewater by Patrick Nicholas
Eurabia by Joe Flood
Every Dog Has His Day by Dov Engelberg
Evicting the Wyatts by Josh Lane
Fausta by Dalisia Mendoza
First Dog by Bryan Stoller
Free Skate by Caitlin McCarthy
Global Swarming by Diana Ohlbaum
Hart Crane by David Kaneen
Honor Among Rats by Adam Perin
In the Middle of Greatness by C.J. Liao
Ironman by George Gier
Lifer by Inon Shampanier
Link by Jerry White
Louis by Alexander Valhouli
Martyr by Brian J. Martin
Mistress of the Sea by Rebecca Howland
My Hero by David Norwood
Perfect Form by Randy Moore
Savage by Barry Levy
Sea Fever by Richard Guimond
Silver River by Marnie Collins
The Baby Whisperer by Scott Clevenger
The Expired Man by Kevin McAllister
The Fraternity by Jeff Wiegand
The Knuckleballer by Michael Murphy
The Lost Kids and the Unwritten Language by Felipe Cagno
The Moonbeam Fisherman by John Dummer
The Pirate Queen of Connemara by Suzanne C. Doherty
The Shanghailanders by Craig Rosenthal
Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs
Upon This Rock by Tim Mangan
Variance by Stevie Bloom
Women In Pants by Stan Himes


Anonymous said...

My script, DEAD line, didn't make it to the semis. Of course, I'm disappointed, but I have no complaints. It just means that all of the scripts that did advance this next step must be TERRIFIC.
My best to all of you.
--Jim Corona

Anonymous said...

Well said, Jim!