Monday, July 07, 2008


Earlier this year I wrote that this film “may just be the ‘All the President’s Men’ of our time.” THE REFLECTING POOL is a stunning narrative work that dares to (convincingly) challenge the official 9-11 story. With any serious discussion of 9-11 blacked out of our national media, it’s up to independent media and filmmakers like Jarek Kupsc to bring it to the people. As New York City prepares to vote on the historic 9-11 Ballot Initiative (, which will launch the first-ever independent investigation the events of September 11th, Kupsc’s film also represents the first theatrical run of any film questioning 9-11 in the US.

This from Kupsc: “We are proud to announce the much-anticipated World Theatrical Premiere of the groundbreaking investigative drama THE REFLECTING POOL at the Pioneer Theater in New York City on July 11, 2008. This is a historic event. Please join us for these landmark shows from 7/11-7/18 and pass this message to all your New York friends. We will be doing Q&A after every show.

Read about the New York 9/11 Ballot Initiative in The Village Voice. THE REFLECTING POOL supports this important action to establish a new independent investigation of the most controversial tragedy of our time.”

Visit "The Reflecting Pool" web site HERE.

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