Saturday, April 12, 2008


It was doom and gloom there for a while -- not just because of the strike, but because the feeding frenzy everyone hoped for post-strike never materialized… until now! All of a sudden, two or three specs and pitches are selling every day! Just pick up the trades
for the last week or so and you may have flashbacks to 1996.

“Lots of deals are happening right now,” says Energy Entertainment’s Jake Wagner. “A, All the studios have new full development funds to buy material because its technically the beginning of the year (because the strike went into Feb) and B, there's a lot of great material out there probably because writers had time to roll up there sleeves and write specs during the strike.”

This is great news for EVERYBODY. So if you’ve been poised all catlike to pounce, well, meow, baby! Get those scripts polished up and get ‘em out there while the damn fish are bitin’. Ahhh.

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