Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Introducing ***trackingb.com***

Coverage, Ink is proud to announce an association with the coolest new service for writers we’ve seen in a long while — trackingb.com.

Founded by an anonymous industry insider, trackingb.com gives writers an unprecedented peek behind the curtain at a real, live industry tracking board. Tracking boards are the means by which the biz keeps tabs on spec scripts and assignments, who’s buying what, who’s looking for what, what’s hot and what’s not. When material goes out to town for consideration, the development network kicks in, and the status of your project—and everyone’s opinions of it—are tracked. (See article on this below--"On the Right Track".)

trackingb.com is the #1 interactive online Hollywood tracking board — a place where film and television executives share and discuss new literary properties hitting the market, the latest hires and fires, hot spec sales, and other insider industry news. The site draws the tastemakers and buzzmakers of the entertainment community: A-list screenwriters, directors, and producers, top agents, managers, and execs from the major studios and production companies. Key information is exchanged. Connections are established. Projects are tracked as they heat up or cool down. And deals are made.

Now you guys can see how this info can be useful, right? Knowledge is power, and trackingb lets you be a fly on the wall to the industry — talk about the inside skinny! Industry-savvy writers have been jonesing for just such behind-the-scenes intel for a long time.

When you join trackingb.com, you’ll join up on the same board as the William Morris Agency, heads of studios, major prodcos and management companies. Regularly $69 per year, we’ve arranged a special discounted rate of only **$59** for friends of Coverage Ink/Writers on the Storm.

Go to www.trackingb.com and spend a few minutes exploring, and you’ll begin to get the idea just how cool this is. Then click HERE to subscribe at the discounted price.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this to you guys. Check it out! www.trackingb.com – the industry’s online network.


Anonymous said...

So the article says there are different boards, so how do you know who is on this board. Is there one big one the whole movie business uses. that would be good to see. I wonder if I can post something about my script and then people would be intereasted because of thast, that seems too simple

Anonymous said...

No, there is no one board the whole industry uses. This one is one of the boards, and big guns like William Morris Agency use it.

Check with trackingb's policies regarding postings. Obviously you don't want to spam, or else you can wreck your project plus the integrity of the board.