Friday, May 25, 2007

2007 Writers on the Storm Quarterfinalists

Ladies and gents, it is with great pleasure that I present you the Writers on the Storm 2007 quarterfinalists. These scripts represent the top 10% of our 947 submissions.

A hearty congrats to everyone who made it. If you are a quarterfinalist, your script will be read again as we cut this list in half in order to select our 50 semifinalists, which we will announce on June 15th. We will then narrow the field further and announce the top 10 by July 6th and the winners no later than July 30th. The feedback forms will go out on or before 6/1.

If you did not make the list, that does not mean we thought your script was rotten! A great many scripts in the “pretty good” range had to be cut. Many of those are just one or two drafts away from being in the top 10 percent range. Others needed more work, of course, but as superagent Emile Gladstone says, “Screenwriting is a craft. It can be learned.” For many folks it’s simply an education process—how to most effectively turn those good ideas into a screenplay, format it properly, etc., which can take years and years to master (I'm still working on it.)

Of course we here at CI try to provide gentle guidance and steer everyone in the right direction and not disparage or insult anyone. If you are serious about your writing and are really embracing the process, listening to constructive criticism and taking it in--then you’ve got what it takes, whether your script made the quarterfinals of our little contest this year or not.

Without further adieu, hare are the 95 Writers on the Storm quarterfinalists for 2007. Nice work, everybody!!!

--Jim Cirile

A Crime by Valor and Arms Will Pepper
A Snowball's Chance in Hell by Gregory Lane
Alone by Tracey Thomas
Amazing Grace by Scort Burgin & David Robinson
American English by PJ Swinburne
American Game by Jeff McArthur
Angels of he Lost City by Patricia Little
Ariadne’s Thread by Steve Callen
Assisted Living by Marc LaBelle
Bedlam by Dennis Shutty
Beneath by Douglas Jackson and C.L. DiGiovanni
Bliss by Douglas Jackson
Blood Royal by Joe Fordham & Mark Ellis
Buried Secrets by Carlos Calvo
Canaries by Craig Cambria
Catching Bullets by Max Miller & Stuart Miller
Colored Water by Doug Pitman
Dead by 11 by Art Blum
Devils’ Wheel by Chris Blanchet
Dogs of War by Nick Gregory
Dolcino by William Hunter Duncan
El Abogado by Laqueta Lewis
Emotica by Christopher Fry
ESU: Emergency Service Unit by Rob Samborn
Exit Marlowe by Matthew Scarsbrook
Famous Neighbors by Patrick Baggatta
Felix the Flyer by Chris Canole
Fire & Shadows by Laura Francheri
Flashback by Darryl Anka
Fortune Cookie by Murray Spitzer
Foundations by Tom Basham
Freshly Popped by Megan Parsons
God Damned Angel by Alex David
Grave Consequences by Curt Burdick & Scott Burdick
Gruesome by Terri Zinner
Hooverville by Anthony Nathan
How the Hell Did I Get Here? By Arie Kaplan
Jackson Hole by Don Blach
Jake and Juliet by Wendy J. Gayner & Aimee Pitta
Jawad Jarrar - A Love Story by Veronica Kincaid
Kung Fu Movie 3 by JD Hoang
Lions by Dave Hackett
Long's Peak by Lyda Phillips
Lovelocked by Wehrner Ovalle
Lowlifes by Brian Buccellato
Manzanar by Alan Sproles & Lizanne Southgate
Middle Man by Jay Curcuru
Mortal Coil by Andrew Steven Harris
Ms. Hall of Fame by Raenell D. Jones
Night of Reflection by Chris Cambria
Nine Lives by Thomas W. Hibbard
Of Human Bondage by Matthew Scarsbrook
Origin by John Unger Zussman & Patricia Zussman
Pentagon Possessed: A Neocon Horror Story by Thomas M. Sipos
Pericles by Stephen Groak & Mark Savage
Play Dead by Don Rosenblit
Playing With Fire by Jay Tormohlen
Porkchop & Slim by Seth Schader
Pretending to be American by Peter Yesley
Rasputin by Laqueta Lewis
Resurrecting Angel by Leslie Flannery
Ritornare by Mark Porro
Sanctuary by Chris Cobb
SBF: Single Black Female by Monique Gramby
Seeping Lines by Karen Lukesh
Sole Pursuit by Jason Siner
Something For Me by Juan Sebastian & Jacome Moreano
Sons of Carthage by Anthony Nathan
Soul Catcher by Liz McDermott
Special by Kermet Merl Key
Spirit of Mischief by James K. Shea
Splintered Porch by Dennis Douda
Sultana by Laqueta Lewis
Sunnyside Up by Seline Raffel
Tear Drop Land by Joe Gadreau
The Crimson Mafia by Suzye Gardner Marion
The Cutting Wind by Ian Noakes
The Enginist by Tim McGrath
The High Cost of Parenting by Michael D. Smith & Tracy Poverstein
The Magic Ring by Henderson Smith & Brett Smith
The Magick of Time by Patricia G. J Joyce
The Man Plan by Donna L. Miller & Stuart Miller
The Red Sea by Rob Samborn
The Sailor's Loves by Marjory Kaptanoglu
The Strange and Thrilling Adventures of... by Tim Christian & Jeff Beals
The Town Clown by Linda Brumfield
The Ugly Princess by Henderson Smith
Tomorrow by Doris B. Gill
Twas The Night Before The Night Before Christmas by Lee Tidball
Vesna's Beach by Natasha Blazic
Virgin Marie by Krista Zumbrink
Wanting Mor by Chris Knight
Where The Dead Go by Mark Elliot Kratter
Whistler's Ridge by Cynthia Webb
Xs and O’Briens by George Krubski


Anonymous said...

Ha! I told you! I to,ld you all! Once again I am on this list. The migty GOR shall never be defeated! now i know many of you wish the Secret identiy of the mighty GOR to be revealed but GOR shall not fall for that trick! GOR shall triumph and you all shall perish in gory merciliss fashin! GOR will shine line the sun wile you all wallow in your own effluvia, yesssssssssss

Anonymous said...

I did not make it but congratulations to everyone who did.

Anonymous said...

Who is this clown gor? i sure hope he's a comedy writer! or gasp, what if it's a gal? oh my gosh!

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I hope Gor is NOT a comedy writer.

Congrats to the Quarters!!!