Friday, August 04, 2006

The BWCS/ICM Merger

The big news of late is of course the merger of powerhouse agency ICM with the medium-sized Broder, Webb, Chervin and Silbermann. What does this mean for us writers? Well, we will find out. I certainly will be talking to my panelists from both agencies very soon to get their take on what happened and will report it in the next issue of Creative Screenwriting.

Known for their top-notch clients, boutique style and shrewd dealmaking, BWCS seems to me to be a very good fit with ICM, an excellent old-school agency who could benefit from BWCS' nimbleness and reputation. But of course with any merger comes layoffs, and that potentially takes opportunity from writers by taking a major player of the field.

Of course, some of the folks laid off will likely land elsewhere or maybe start management companies, as tends to happen.

Well, maybe with the addition of BWCS, ICM will be able to afford a new sign. This one is looking a bit de clase. Joking! I snapped this picture at ICM last year -- it's behind the building in the parking lot ;)

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter much to me since neither will read my scripts... although SOMEDAY... ;)