Monday, July 24, 2006

Producers... Agents... Managers...

I've gotten a few calls from industry folks who are tracking the Writers on the Storm contest, which is very nice to know! We have some awesome scripts coming down the pike for you folks -- you will not be disappointed. We're less than 1 week away now from announcing our winners.

If you're in the biz and would like to be added onto the list to see the winners, shoot me a mail at

We are sending all the companies on our list the winning script, along with the loglines of our top ten and a select few honorable mentions, plus a few comments on each. You may request to read any and/or all of them that strikes your fancy. We'll also keep you on the list for Writers on the Storm II.


--Jim Cirile


Anonymous said...

Will the honorable mentions be announced the same day as the winners??

Jim Cirile said...

Probably not. We're still figuring out exactly who will be eligible and how many we'll have. The list won't go out for at least a month (to give the winners time to polish the scripts based on our notes) to the industry anyway, so we have plenty of time.

--Jim Cirile